Vorticity Calculation for Lagrange Hexahedron fails


I have u,v,w scalars in data file from which I generate the velcity vector in Calculator, then use that to find curl(Velocity) in Python Calculator.

error.txt (8.6 KB)

Using lagrange hexahedron of order 10, and finding the vorticity leads to error. Attached in “error.txt”, the domain has a single vortex in the center as in the figure. File below:

The vorticity calculation fails for anything greater than order 3. It gives out the same error as given above.

Even if using lower order of 3, the vorticity calculated is constant for a cell, which I think is wrong.I’m attaching the original files for the 3rd order below the image.

dgdata.pvtu (1.1 KB)
dgdata0000.vtu (2.9 MB)
dgdata0001.vtu (2.9 MB)
dgdata0002.vtu (2.9 MB)
dgdata0003.vtu (2.9 MB)
dgdata0004.vtu (2.9 MB)
dgdata0005.vtu (2.9 MB)


I feel this a bug and would be glad if someone could please look into it. I’ll provide additional details as and when necessary.


@cory.quammen @dcthomp Sorry for tagging. Could you please check this out,if it’s reproducable and if it’s a bug?

(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #4

This is outside of my expertise, I’m afraid.


Thanks for the response, could you please try reproducing it if you got the time? so that I can report it as an issue, if it is. I included the file in the post.