Angular Periodic Filter crashes Paraview 5.6

Hi, I’m trying to revolve my result file (computed for 1 degree) but when I choose the Angular Periodic Filter it crashes the application (even in Salome 9.3 I have the same problem). Any workaround?

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You could try v5.7.0-RC2 from

If that still crashes, could you share a data set? It is difficult to say what is going wrong without that.

Hi @cory.quammen ,have installed the v5.7 but it doesn’t support .rmed files (I’m using the v5.6 from Code Aster for Windows with suport for Med files). I have tested with v5.1 (also from the Code Aster guys) and it doesn’t crash with the same dataset, but now… I can’t produce the revolution!

If you like to try, the file (500 Mb) is at

Best regards, and thanks for the support

could you save and share your dataset in a non .med format ? It is not supported by ParaView without external plugins.

Just open the .med file and File -> SaveData -> vtp/vtu file.

@mwestphal , thanks for the support, this is the file in .vtu

Very nice catch !

There is a memory error in vtkAngularPeriodicDataArray. I have a fix coming here :

In the meantime, avoid using angular periodic filter with 6 component array (they are considered symmetric tensor by the filter). You can either remove the 6 component array if you do not need it using PassArray filter or convert them to 9 component tensor using the calculator filter.

Thanks! I will try to remove the 6 component array. I remember in past version have used the angular periodic filter and was easy to setup, but this time catch the memory error.

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