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there was probably a good reason why the Cmake options PARAVIEW_AUTOLOAD_PLUGIN_XXX have been removed, but is there a work around to specify that certain plugins should be automatically loaded? If not, could it be brought back?

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is there any other way to automatically load certain plugins? I’d love to configure ParaView on our cluster in a way that users can start right away, and some plugins are mandatory. I would not want every user to first load all the plugins manually. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Which version of ParaView are you using ?

The latest one, 5.7-RC2

@ben.boeckel : Looks like PARAVIEW_AUTOLOAD_PLUGIN_* cmake option has been removed. Was that intentional ?

@Niklas : You can either

Yes and no. It was intentional in that the way it got populated before was removed. It was unintentional in that another way to specify it should have been added back.

The best way to add it back is something like:

foreach (paraview_plugin IN LISTS paraview_plugins)
  option("PARAVIEW_AUTOLOAD_PLUGIN_${paraview_plugin}" "Autoload the ${paraview_plugin} plugin" OFF)

  if (PARAVIEW_AUTOLOAD_PLUGIN_${paraview_plugin})
    list(APPEND autoload_plugins
  endif ()
endforeach ()

paraview_plugin_build(… AUTOLOAD ${autoload_plugins})

at the top-level. Docs should be added to the as well.

Thank you both! I’d love to mark both as solution, but can only one…
I got it easily fixed. Thanks for your help!
Cheers, Niklas

I’ve opened an issue here:

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