Build paraview inside Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL)

is there anybody tried to build paraview inside WSL?
I only have windows system, but i have to provide paraview client for other platforms, any suggestion?

The superbuild shouldn’t care, but I don’t know if anyone has actually tested it or not.

Thank you Ben, i will have a study about paraview superbuild

Hi, I install paraview directly on Windows 10 operating system. On your WSL, which distribution do you have?

Hi Josef,
I install ubutun 20.04 and centos 8.1.1911, i tried to build paraview on both system, from paraview build instruction (not super build), it works good.

paraview server “pvserver” can run successfully, but paraview GUI “paraview” dont works with xlauch, and program will crash with error: “qt.qpa.xcb: X server does not support XInput 2…”

I haven’t have time tried paraview super build, hope it can builld paraview that can run all Linux platforms, like all ubutun and centos

Thanks and Best Regards,

Hi Sharon,
so I have also ubuntu 20.04 and if I write command directly into command line, paraview launch…
Do you have VcXsrv on your windows?

Hi Josef,
Do you mean you can run paraview GUI successfully in WSL ubuntu 20.04 with help of VcXsrv?
I found there are several way that can help to use display inside WSL, VcXsrv is one of them, but i only tested Xming

Yes, one possible way is launch paraview via command and it is automatically open. But for me, more confident is launch paraview directly from windows as app and find the case in folder, which I want to create some postprocessing…

Hi Josef,
Thank you very much for this valuable information!
I thought VcXsrv is something similar to Xming, and didnt have a try…

I had a quick try on VcXsrv, but paraview GUI popup with below error message then crash:
libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found
libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast

Do you ever meet this case?
I will try later

Best Regards,

Hi sharon,
unfortunately with this error I hadn’t meet it…
How you build your paraview on ubuntu, as standalone or with OpenFOAM?

Hi Josef,
I built my paraview standalone.

Best Regards,

Hi Sharon,
how did you build/install it?
I would recommend via command for ubuntu 20.04.
sudo apt install paraview

Hi Josef,
I build paraview from source code, paraview version is 5.8.1.
OK, I will take you recommendation and try later.

Thank you Josef for you kind help!

Best Regards,

You are welcome, sharon…

I installed 5.9.0 through Anaconda on WSL Ubuntu 20.04.

I know it’s not officially supported by Kitware but in my (limited) use so far I haven’t run into any issues.

Just something else to consider.

Thank you Theodore for your information!

To summarize:

We can use WSL to compile paraview and run paraview server and client GUI

when run paraview client GUI, VcXsrv is recomanded to setup xServer with below proper setting: