Chain of vectors (itinerary-like)?

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I m pretty new to Paraview sorry, my need is basic but I couldnt find any answer so far accross discussions/examples etc.
My input data is a serie of points defined by their (x,y,z) coordinates respectively (csv, one line per point) and I need to print a vector from point A to point B, and a vector from point B to point C etc… similarly to an itinerary with steps on a map. I need to be able to print a trajectory made of 50M points minimum.

Can I achieve this with Paraview and how?
The closest I could get to trace a single vector is reproducing this : in a custom filter, but it seems a lot of computation to print a single vector ?..

thanks a lot!

A simple programmable filter should do the trick. Juste create a polyline cells for your points.

Hi Mathieu!
I did using the following script (
I am able to plot lines between point using the polyline, but not the arrow itself, I need to be able to show the direction of the itinerary (arrow starting from point and ending A to B, then another from B to C …) .
Is it doable using a polyline?


Then this is completely different. You want to use a Glyph filter.

Thanks I will try, do you recommend to pre-compute the vectors (ie to be displayed between points) outside ParaView, or can I do it directly in ParaView (ie vector to be displayed at point A is computed using B(Xb,Yb,Zb) - A(Ax,Ya,Za) ? )

You can compute the vectors using a programmable filter.

Hi Mathieu
I have managed to compute the vectors that are used to orientate the glyphs (ie towards next point). However I m now struggling with the 2D arrows that are always centered on the point they belong to.

  • Is there a way to offset the 2Dvectors glyph along their orientation vector ? even with coding?
    Thanks a lot

this is what I got for now, not so great as per the position of glyphs…

Set CenterX to 0.5

Hi Mathieu, sorry but I could not find anywhere any reference or example on how/where to change “CenterX” - can you please elaborate? what does this variable/method refer to / how do I do that ? Thanks again !!

Charlie: Try by setting the X component of the Translate property in the Glyph Transform group.

Actually, setting the first component of the Center property to 0.5 should be better.
Mkae sure to show advanced options first by clicking on the cog wheel, top right.


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big Thanks Mathieu, thanks Joachim … I know have nice arrows! (I used Mathieu s way) please see below !

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Hi Mathieu,
just fyi I have opened a new topic because it seems it doesn’t scale on the Windows GUI client : Paraview Gui crashes on Windows 10 with large file