Different results on MacOS and remote connection


I’m running a clean to grid filter to extract a surface and I’m getting two different results if I run the algorithm on my laptop


and on remote

See the spurious zone extracted on the leading edge

Why this happens?


This could be caused by your data being partitioned across multiple processors. It might not correctly identify mesh connections across partitions.

You could try running the Ghost Cell Generator fitler.

Hi @Kenneth_Moreland

You’ve got the problem right but I was not able to solve it via

This is what I’m getting

And this is the setup with Ghost Cell Generator filter

which is applied straight after loading the .vtu file

Do you have any further suggestion?

As I recall from one of your previous posts, your data comes from a DG simulation. I don’t know the details of how Ghost Cells Generator works, but I suspect that once again the discontinuous nature of your data is interfering with finding correct matches.

The first thing to try is to run Clean to Grid first and then Ghost Cells Generator. The generator might not be checking for duplicate points on each process.

I expect Ghost Cells Generator will use global ids if you have them. I would expect global ids on discontinuous boundaries would mess up the ghost cell generation. If you have them, you can try deleting them. You might be able to use the Pass Arrays filter to do that.

Didn’t solve the issue, I think I’ll stick with 1 process to execute this to bypass the issue

Very grateful for the help!

Hmmm … something feels fishy. Could you let us have the dataset?