ERROR: Cannot compile a minimal program. The toolchain or QMakeSpec is broken. While building ParaView to execute Qt custom apps

I have been trying to build ParaView to test the custom apps examples at on MacOS.

I have followed the site instructions at

Then executed

$ mkdir pv
$ cd pv
$ git clone
$ cd paraview-superbuild
$ git fetch origin # ensure you have the latest state from the main repo
$ git submodule update

$ cd ..
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ../paraview-superbuild
$ ccmake -DCMAKE_OSX_SDK=/Applications/ ../paraview-superbuild

I enabled:



$ make

Any ideas on what should I do?

Sorry for the delay. For macOS, I suggest downloading binaries from Qt upstream and using them rather than trying to build it from the superbuild.