How to change render view settings for a headless installation without GUI

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I would like to change e.g “Edit/ Settings/ Render View/ Advanced/ Line Offset Parameters” for our headless installation on a cluster. Normally I can change such values in the GUI. Python trace does not to record such actions. Hope anyone has an idea.

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I am one step further, found possible solution described here
However, what I am still missing is, how to list attibute names of the proxy:

ProxyManager helper

pxm = servermanager.ProxyManager()

Custom rendering settings

renderingSettings = pxm.GetProxy(‘settings’, ‘RenderViewSettings’)

for prop in renderingSettings:
print(prop) # lists only the property values, but not names

following line raises an attribute error, as there is no 'ResolveCoincidentTopology ’ attribute.

renderingSettings.ResolveCoincidentTopology = ‘Shift z-buffer when rendering lines and points’

But how do I find the correct attribute names corresponding to the GUI settings?


please try:

renderingSettings.SetPropertyWithName(“ResolveCoincidentTopology”, “Shift z-buffer when rendering lines and points”)

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Thanks a lot, Jean! Works as suggested.

And in addition, in case I anyone else encoutners a similar problem:
for above code snippet,


returns a list of all properities. Maybe helpfull.

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