How to get field data of a given pipeline using SM Proxy model?

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I have a tremendously imporant question.

How can one receive from the given pipeline element, the list of fields, and the data, corresponding to that field?

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given pipeline element, the list of fields

vtkSMSourceProxy:: GetDataInformation()

and the data,

You dont really want that, that means transporting the data from the server to the client.

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Thanks a lot!

Are Source Proxies applicable to filters?


What should I do if I want to pass for example, 100 values from the server to the client?
How could I achieve that?

100 values from the server to the client?

You do not want to do that in general, if needed, you can use an information property.

Could you please advise me where to search for an example?

Your own post: Deve - #2 by mwestphal

It works well, when I insert a specific function in my own filter

Is there a way to do the same with any given source/filter without modifying it?

Not the same. However you can fetch the data with the ClientServerMoveData filter and use GetClientSideObject, keep in mind it can be very costly.

Look for example implementation in vtkSpreadSheetView::StreamToClient()

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Dear Mathieu, thanks you a lot!

I will try to do follow this path

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