Layer coverage visualisation for a multi-region analysis

Hi !

I’m currently doing a thermal analysis on a sphere surrounded by air using the solver chtMultiRegionFoam and snappyHexMesh for the mesh. (OpenFOAM v1912)

When I am adding layers, I want to display the layer coverage on the sphere using Paraview and the filter “nSurfaceLayers”.

The “problem” is that the layers extruded belong to the region of the air so when I am applying the filter only on the internalMesh of the sphere, it says that there is no layers on the sphere which is logic. (picture attached)

But I really need to display in “3D” to have a better understanding of the coverage on the whole surface instead of using a slice (second picture attached).

Is there a filter/trick in Paraview to see the layer coverage on the sphere ?
I have uploaded the case just in case. (2.2 MB)


PS : I am using Paraview 5.8

(OpenFOAM v1912)

This filters is coming from ParaFOAM, not ParaView, we can’t really help you with it.

Can you explain what you are trying to achieve ?

Well, what I want to achieve is to visualise the layer coverage on the sphere. The problem is the layers are not on the same region as the sphere so I cannot see them if I display only the internalMesh of the sphere.

So I was questioning myself whether there is a tool in Paraview to see this properly as I want to check the layer coverage on the whole sphere. (not with a slice)

Basically instead of having 0 layer on the first picture (sphere_layers) I want to achieve for instance this:


That is indeed a specific operation. Your best bet may be to ask OpenFOAM about the nSurfaceLayers filter usage.

Ok, thanks for your help !