Load custom variables files in pvpython

Greetings, all.

I am using OpenFOAM to run some simulations and make predictions using others methods. I create an variable file in OF format such as specified in this documentation. In this case one for the pressure and velocity field.

The problem is: when I run the paraview GUI I can choose to load those files (they appear to me in the Volume Fields dialog, as well in the Python Shell inside the GUI), but I cannot access those files through pvpython. I used the Paraview version 5.6 (available from OF installation), later I changed to version 5.8 (standalone, from site) and pvpython and it didn’t worked either.

Is there some way to load/read those customized variables in pvpython scripts?


The Paraview 5.8 GUI version does not read the custom variable files either. I think it could be the PVFoamReader in called by paraFoam who can read these files. Is there some way to call this reader in pvpython?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I found a solution.
The OpenFoamReader doesn’t read the variables that are listed when calling the paraFoam utility in the default version of OpenFoam installation. The Reader used in paraFoam corresponds to the PVFoamReader. To use it, it was need in the pvpython it was needed to use the LD_PRELOAD, in the same fashion as described in this thread.

I just need to find the file and adjust the path. Hope this help someone! :grin: