Migrating ParaView Guide to Sphinx / ReadTheDocs

This looks great!

Do we want to specify in the documentation what version of ParaView is covered? Do we offer the guide for older versions of ParaView?

Oh, I see that the versions are already there.

We’ve recently started using sphinx and readthedocs with a project we’ve got going on at the moment. Given the conversation above, a few things that are worth mentioning:

  1. You can package the built docs with your software binaries, so the ‘getting started guide’ (or whatever else) could be available locally without an internet connection. It would just open in a browser rather than pdf reader. If you really wanted, you could embed a browser in the ParaView GUI, so that the user never leaves that environment.
  2. Because you’re using version control for your docs, you can point particular versions of your software to a particular version of the docs.
  3. sphinx and reStructuredText are the backbone of your docs. readthedocs is just the webhost, if you don’t like the advertising or want to use your own domain name you can host them on your own site. But you’d probably want to set up a webhook so that the source is pulled and recompiled for each new commit.

This might be stating the obvious, but hopefully some help.