New to Paraview application

You’ll need to provide more details about what your customers have tried for us to be able to help. Are they running pvserver via mpiexec, for example?

Yes, that sounds about right. I have reached out to them for clarification, currently awaiting feedback. Thanks.

Looks like they were using mpirun, but mpiexec works spanning multiple cores after their testing. So that’s great. They’re going to try using multiple processors and mutiple cores next. I’ll keep you all updated. Thanks so much.

Great, thanks for the followup. Since ParaView ships with an mpiexec executable, if they were using mpirun, then they were running with a likely incompatible MPI installation on the system, hence the problems.

Ok, now the issue seems to be a connection drop. I am awaiting any errors they received so I can research further. Any ideas off the top of your head?


Hard to say without more information. When did the connection drop? Immediately, or after some amount of time? Are they running in an interactive queue that has a time limit after which the server is shut down?

I’m awaiting their response now. Thanks.

Seems like the app opens fine. The customer in question stated that when he launches and runs the app from directory /dir1, it behaves differently, (a lag time in response like when dragging windows), than when launched in /dir2, which appears to work as expected. Unfortunately, the majority of work is on /dir1. Any ideas?

I have not had the time to play with Paraview to learn it, but would the directory size the app is launched from play a factor in performance? Especially if the directory is reaching capacity?


I don’t know why this would occur. The number of files in a directory shouldn’t affect application responsiveness for anything other than perhaps a file selection window.