Nightly names with current release version are confusing

Maybe the confusion is that it is not clear if this nightly is before 5.10 or after 5.10:

How about if we rename this as:


Using the next version would mean that we know ahead of time what the next version is.
Is it 5.11 or is it 5.10.1?


That fixes the tarball, but the titlebar and about dialog won’t know that.

Depends on which branch you’re on :slight_smile: .

This gives me the idea: why not just put the branch name after ParaView? The build can extract this information easily enough (tarballs are out-of-luck, but that’s not new for untagged releases) and put it into the title bar too. Examples:

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This is an improvement. Let’s try it.

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MR for ParaView’s titlebar:

See results here (word wrapped; the newline in the middle is just a space):

MR for ParaView superbuild to rename the package:

Results will be here:

No, there isn’t. It could be dropped in there through the source tarball generator script. Dropping it for all submodules would be handy. But, it is gnarly in there; git archive and submodules work as well together as two rabid territorial badgers in a tiny cage.

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