paraview-5.8 : Unknown CMake command "ADD_PARAVIEW_PLUGIN".


Building plugin was OK with paraview-5.4.x. Moved to 5.8.0 and hit this :
Unknown CMake command “ADD_PARAVIEW_PLUGIN”.

In 5.4, INCLUDE(${PARAVIEW_USE_FILE}) was needed in CMakeLists.txt. In 5.8 cmake says “remove that line, no more needed” : when removed ADD_PARAVIEW_PLUGIN is not found ?!.. Any clue ?

Note : FIND_PACKAGE is called in a “master” CMakeLists.txt, ADD_PARAVIEW_PLUGIN is called in a “slave” CMakeLists.txt (included by “master” using ADD_SUBDIRECTORY)


Any clue ?

Many things changed for building plugins between paraview-5.6 and paraview-5.7, with some further (minor) refinements for paraview-5.8.

This might be one place to start:

You need to change a few things when scanning for files etc. It might be hard to follow, but here is my real-world example for building a paraview plugin both with paraview <= 5.6 and paraview >= 5.7. Examining the differences might give you clues for your own plugin.


Waow… Doc does not help much, and, fuzzy examples blur the backbone logic (personal opinion).
Is there a “1, 2, 3 steps” check list to describe how to migrate a plugin from older version to 5.8 ?..

Here is the doc :

As always, take a look into Examples/Plugins in ParaView source code.