Paraview not showing spline points/point clouds in OSPRAY


I am trying to use photorealistic rendering via OSPRAY and PBR. After applying textures and materials, when I try to draw streamlines through point cloud, it does not show me any sphere even when show sphere option is checked. When I try to use follow path of camera in Animation view, it does not show me any spline or spline points. I have tried closing paraview and opening files again but it does not work. Kindly help!


A bit unclear, please share a screenshot showing what is not working ?

Hi Mathieu!

Thanks for your reply. I have attached the pictures showing the problem. In first one, you can see that spline is not being shown even when show spline option is checked.It also did not show sphere of point cloud while using stream tracer. The second one shows spline as it normally should.

First one is using OSPRay ?

Yes. The one without spline is using OSPRay

FYI @timothee.chabat

Any update on this? I still can’t see the splines and make dynamic animations using Ospray :slightly_frowning_face:

OSPRay suppport of interactive 3D widget is quite incomplete/unstable at the moment so this doesn’t really surprise me (see issue 7603 for example). This will hopefully be fixed in a next release.

On the other hand these widgets are not meant to be on the final render anyway so you can just place them using the OpenGL rendering and then switch back to OSPRay for your final rendering. Also this workflow is quite common since OSPRay rendering is not interactive. It is usually better to keep using OpenGL for setting up your pipeline and then switching to OSPRay.

I can’t think to a better alternative right now :confused:

Hello Timothee!

Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right, I managed to figure it out earlier today. I disabled ray tracing, added animation view path and then enabled ray tracing again. Seems like a simple way around, I should have thought about it earlier :sweat_smile:

This is the most helpful forum. Thanks to all of you for your services!

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@Sankhesh_Jhaveri - fyi this is relevant