ParaView support for completely customized application

I’m switching the framework of my app from being paraview-based to totally customization because I find that the former tends to appeal to experts. But then I’m not sure about how many functionalities could I inherit from paraview. For instances:

  • Reactions and Behaviors
  • pqParaViewMenuBuilders(especially for filters&sources menu)
  • ParaView’s enhanced UI components(pqPropertiesPanel, etc)

I hope what I wrote above could make sense to you guys, thanks for any reply.

The closer you stay to ParaView, the simple the development and maintenance of your application.

See Examples/CustomApplication/SimpleParaView for an example.

Is SimpleParaView updated in the latest version 5.8? I didn’t find it in my 5.7 source

It is indeed only in 5.8.

By the way, I want to inform you that the .plugin file of an plugin example Examples\Plugins\MyTiffWriter was wrongly named(in 5.7 as well):
It’s actually a writer so I think this is probably a mistake.

Thanks Yoshino. Written up here: