ParaView's default reader selection

I think Mathieu presents a good, and much better, solution than we currently have.

  1. How would the “user settings” be created/added/edited/deleted? Could we include site specific settings? Obviously, for Sandia I would like users to use the IOSS reader for CGNS files, but as per a previous conversation with Utkarsh, most general users will still just use the CGNS reader.

  2. What does “use the selected reader” mean? For instance, I have the Exodus reader loaded, and I select can.exo. I use files of type: Specific Format. I haven’t selected a reader? Is this the previously selected reader?

  3. Lets make this the complete list, including illegal readers. Sometimes ParaView thinks a reader is not possible, and won’t present it as an option. We want to try to read with that reader, to see what error messages it presents.

This sounds like a good solution to me.

Like any other settings. I was thinking of using something similar to the “DataArrays” settings tab.
Site-specific settings should be supported like any other setting.

I’m refering to this:

This is covered by point 4 and require a specific step.

We will go ahead and implement the solution. @wascott let me know if you have other questions or inputs.

I’m good. This looks like a good path forward.

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This has been merged into ParaView master but will not be available in 5.10.

Docs will be udpated soon