Question about draw multiple line segment in render view


I’m a Newbie regarding using Paraview. I currently have a set of data that contain 110000 rows and each row has two points’ coordinates: X1, Y1, Z1 and X2, Y2, Z2.

What I want to do is connect two points for each row and visualize it. Of course, if I use “Line” filter, I can draw them one by one, but since the numbers are too significant large, which is impossible for me to plot.

I do find a relative similar post:
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However, after I tried their method, indeed, I can find line segments in my structure, but not all of them and some line segments are missing.

Therefore, I come here to ask whether there’s other way to do it. If you guys don’t mind, please giving me some suggestions.

Coordinates.csv (471.0 KB)

you can use the Calculator to generate vectors (in my case I have xyz-file input which has the automatic column names coordsX, coordsY, coordsZ, var0, var1, var2) with (var0-coordsX)*iHat+(var1-coordsY)*jHat+(var2-coordsZ)*kHat. If you throw a Glyph filter on the calculator, you can use its Result (Result Array Name) to generate Arrows. If you set the tip length to zero, you have your line segments. Use Result for Orientation and Scale of the Arrow Glyphs.

Hope this helps. Cheers, Venke