Reading CGNS formats into ParaView


I have a CGNS file generated from ANSYS CFX. I want to open it up in ParaView to visualize vectors. I am running Paraview 5.2 on Mint. Is there a plugin to do this? I dont see the format listed in the open file dialogue.



In my macOS install of ParaView 5.2 I see .cgns as an extension in the file open dialog. From where did you obtain ParaView? CGNS file support was added way back in ParaView 3.10, so it should definitely be there.

More recent versions of ParaView are available from

Thanks for the reply. My instance of Paraview 5.2 does not have it in the list. I installed another instance to check and it has the cgns in the fileopen dialog but as a plugin. Is it that I am missing a plugin installation for the 5.2? I am constrained to use this version as some of our work is setup to use it. Is there a cgns plugin installation I can use?

Please precise how do you install paraview.

I see in 5.2 that the CGNS option appears as “CGNS Files (Plugin) (.cgns)”. The “Plugin” part does not mean you need to obtain and load some plugin. I’m not actually sure why it says that. Did you try loading a CGNS file with it? By the way, you shouldn’t even need to specify the reader type when opening a CGNS file.

As for the version you need to use, until you tell us where it came from (whether it was built by a system administrator, for example) we cannot help you.

Thanks for your reply. I have not installed the version of ParaView that is being used. It might have been a previous researcher that installed it.

Yes, I tried opening a CGNS with the older instance. The file is not shown in the fileopen dialog and neither is CGNS in the pulldown fileformats.

In the newer instance, I was able to open the CGNS without specifying reader type.


Great, thanks for following up.

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