Set up a paraview server on Amazon AWS


I am trying to setup a ParaView server on Amazon AWS using Nvidia Deep Learning AMI.
I want the ParaView client to be my desktop app.
However, I am having trouble configuring the ParaView Desktop App to work as a client with my AWS ParaView server. Is there a manual for that?

Hi Misha,

The easiest way to setup a connection to a remote PVServer is by SSH port forwarding.

ssh -L <local-pvserver-port>:<host-pvserver-port> <user>@<host>

With the default settings, local-pvserver-port and host-pvserver-port can be set to port 11111.
In ParaView you can now connect to the remote PVServer the same way you would connect to a localhost PVServer.
Note that with the command above, the terminal needs to be left open to maintain the connection.


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Hi Max,

Thank you for your response. I think that I’m doing something wrong, but I’m not sure exactly what.
I am using plink to connect and do the port forwarding (since I’m on a windows computer) like so:

plink -L 11111:localhost:11111 username@host

and on the amazon AWS instance I’m running Nvidia ParaView IndeX docker image.
From their documentation I’m running the following command:

and I get the following message:

Waiting for client…
Connection URL: cs://******:11111
Accepting connection(s): ********:11111

What am I doing wrong?

Also, I’m don’t fully understand the mechanism - am I supposed to upload to files to the server, and the client will see the image results, or am I supposed to upload the files to the client, and there is a mechanism that will automatically do the “heavy lifting” on the server?



Hi Misha,

You can safely substitute ssh with plink, the rest of the command will stay the same.
The message displayed only means that PVServer is waiting for a connection on the host machine at port 11111.
You can find the ParaView user guide here ( Chapter 14 covers the remote connection part.
The data needs to be uploaded to the server first. Once connected, the open data menu in your local ParaView will allow you to browse the remote file system.


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Thank you. I will read Chapter 14 as you you suggested, and I hope I will find the answer.


Another good resource for a distributed PVServer setup is this one:

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