Simulation Application With ParaView

I built Paraview from source and I am trying to build a custom application. But I get ‘pqApplicationCore.h’ file not found. I checked and I don’t have this file in my build folder and I don’t have any other pq file. Is this because of an issue with the build?

Please try building the example custom applications in Examples dir.

Yes I am doing that, for example I tried Demo 0, but I get this error pqApplicationCore.h not found.
#include <pqApplicationCore.h> is being included in DemoApp0.cxx.
I checked and I don’t have this header file in my build folder.

Did you enable Qt ?

Yes, I can even open Paraview GUI from the build by running ./bin/paraview.
I could not built the CORE PARAVIEW_BUILD_EDITION, because it was giving me error. Could it be because of that?

do not change this setting, you dont need to.

okay so it is the default then. Should I build it again then to get the pqApplicationCore.h?

Any idea what could be going wrong and why I can’t see the header files?

I resolved missing header files by running ninja install instead of just ninja