Unstructured mesh to image

I have a 2d unstructured mesh, that I want to resample to image (pixel based) . If I use the filter resample to image, I get an empty figure (it seems it takes only only triangle?)

I follow the steps mentioned here, Resampling using cell data?
but still, I can’t get an output of this.
Could someone explain how to do this?

Sadly resampling 2D data is not easy in ParaView, can you give it some depth ?

Sure, I can follow this

to get a 3d version of my data.

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Then resampling should work

I still get an empty image

Please share your data

resistivity.vtk (573.2 KB)

The data shared

nevermind, ResampleToImage seems to work fine with 2D data!

For me, it returns an empty figure.

Change outline representation to surface

And closing the app and start again, it’s working !

Something is off. The pixels, do not have a solid color. In other words, I was expecting that each pixel to have one color.

This is expected with point data. Use Cell Data instead. You can convert using PointDataToCellData filter.

Sorry, can’t seem to find this filter. I can only seer CellDataToPoint data.

Can you help me out?

Filters → Alphabetical → PointDataToCellData

It’s not there for me. I guess it’s because the original vtk is already cell?


Yes, use the filter on the ResampleToImage instead.

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Thanks a lot, that worked.

Follow up:
I have now a 3d volume, which I make slices out of it. Now the same filter, isn’t working the same way. What is the procedure for 3d?

3D unstructured mesh

Please share some data