velocity component glyph

Dear All,

How to plot y-component of velocity vector in paraview? I have a 2D surface with x and y component of velocity. I tried to plot it using glyph but resultant velocity vector is plotting.


Hello Yashika,
I’m not a 100% clear what you want to do, but I think you have a vector and you want to extract one of the components from the vector. Slicing and dicing vectors. I asked a similar question a while ago: scalars from a vector in the calculator filter . In short you can use the calculator to get a single element from a vector. Use the scalars combo box in the calculator filter right below the functions pad and the components for each vector are listed. Pick the one you want, and click apply.

Hello John,

Yes I wanted to see only y-velocity component from velocity vector. And thank you for help, it worked for me.