Visualizing stress on the deformed geometry

I have run a large deformation finite element simulation with two output files, “displacement.pvd” and “stress.pvd”. In paraview, it is very clear how to import the displacement file and plot the deformed configuration of the mesh with the “warp by” button. However, I have not been able to figure out how to plot the stress magnitudes as a color directly on the deformed configuration of the mesh.

Are there resources anywhere that explain how to do this? I have looked around but I haven’t found anything that is clear enough to implement.

I am using Paraview 5.6.

What is the name of the displacement field? Is that name available in the Color By popup menu?


That would be the usual route for coloring a surface by a particular data array.

the displacement field is available in the “color by” popup menu, but the stress field is not. Is there a naming convention or something like that to get the stress field to show up?

Thanks so much!

I’m going to venture a guess that the stress field is defined in the “stress.pvd” file. Assuming they have the same mesh type and topology, you can combine the data arrays in the data object produced by “displacement.pvd” and “stress.pvd”. Select both sources in the Pipeline Browser (use control-left-click for the second item) and choose the Append Attributes filter. This will combine the data arrays in both. Then you can apply the Warp By filter and color it by the stress array.

fantastic-- that works perfectly.

Thanks for your time.

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