Wavefront .obj WITH materials .mtl

Thank you for sharing the converter program.
But, I am struggling in find how to transform the loaded objects. When I apply the transform filter to the loaded objects, the texture of the objects disappeared. For examples, 1.5 scale in z direction and x, y movings.
Is there an way to transform object in obj-mtl-importer.py?

Thank you.

When you apply a transform filter you actually create a new dataset with a new representation on which the texture is not defined. So you can either load the same texture on that new representation or simply transform the representation itself. That way the rest of the settings remain unchanged.

To adjust the transform on the representation, just write “transform” in the search box of the property panel of ParaView and fill the various parameters that you want to adjust inside the “Display” section.

Thank you for informing me the search box. It works!


I managed to run the script on my .obj mesh however I lost the coordinates of the scene. Is it somehow possible to maintain the orginal coordinates of the OBJ file?

I’m not sure to follow the question.