1D plot projection on 2D plot (csv files)

Dear All,

I want to project a line on a 2D plot and mark the line points on the 2d plot. both files are in csv format.
or simply I want to have both plots on the 2d plot.
I would be thankful to help me.

Attached please find files as well.

Cheersa_1d_2.csv (141 Bytes) data-to-contour2.csv (5.9 KB)

Open your files and plot them with paraview ?

https://www.paraview.org/download/ : Please download and read the getting started guide in the documentation section.

Dear Mathieu,

Thanks for your reply. Thanks I can plot the files separately, but I want something similar to the attached plot. like white dots(1D line plot) or white dashed line on the 2D contour plot.

Kind Regards