2D colormap


I’m looking for a way to visualize two continuous scalars with one 2D-colormap. I’ve seen that there is a feature for volume rendering, allowing to tune the opacity based on a scalar field. But it my case, I would like to avoid the use of opacity, as I’m working with slices. So it is really about having two “mixed colorscales”.
A possible colormap could be like the following :

Do you know if it’s is allready possible to implement this in Paraview (maybe a programmable filter) ? Or should I add it as feature request ?

Thank you very much !


Hi Cyrille
Just an idea… Maybe you could use the RGB coloring keeping one channel fixed and mapping the scalars to the two remaining channels? E.g. map scalar 1 to red, scalar 2 to green and keep blue at zero? (For RGB coloring, this might help: https://discourse.paraview.org/t/coloring-surface-by-predefined-rgb-values/6011)

I think that will work very well. As soon as I will have work through it, I will share it.