2D contour from csv with values at array nodes

Dear guys,

I am new in using Paraview. I want to contour 2D array data in CSV format (the attached result_test.csv (2.5 KB) ). The array is 10x10 size and each node of the array has its value. The contour will be based on these values. I have seen that there is a solution about the CSV with x,y coordinates, but in my CSV file, I just have the array and values. Could anyone can help me, please?

Thank you so much.


Hi guys, or are there any other methods to visulise and contour the array value? Thank you so much.

Your data is not correctly formated to be read into paraview.

it should be like that:


Hi Mathieu,

Thank you so much for your quick reply and help.

Yeah, because the values in my data are at the grid nodes without x,y,z coordinates. I can transfer it with x,y coordinates but it is time cost as I have so many files like that, so I am trying to contour without modifying the format How about .vtk format? If there is no possible, I will change the format as yours manually.

Best wishes

There is no way to read your data as it is into ParaView. Can you control your output in any way ?

Instead of doing it manually, you should be able to write a sed command to take care of it.

Hi Thank you so much. I have written a sed command to transform the output and got what I need by using the filters Table to Points and Delaunay2D . Do you think using vtk is better than csv so that I don’t need to use filters each time.

Yes it would be better.

Thank you.