2D Line Chart X-Axis Customization

I am currently trying to generate 2D Pressure plots, using a specific time period (represented as a column in my input csv file) in the form of yyyy-mm-dd h:mm:ss as my X-Axis. Paraview doesn’t seem to accept a column of this format in the properties tab, I get an error of type “no X column is set (index 0)”. Is it possible to set the X-axis to such a data type/ is it limited to integers? Maybe this is simply a limitation of the program.


Unfortunately ParaView is not going to understand the date/time format as a numerical array type. Rather, it will treat the text as an array of string values, which will not work to serve as an x-coordinate. If you could convert date/time to seconds from a reference time, then it would work, but you would either have to do that outside ParaView or using the Programmable Filter to do the conversion.