2DCORECTMESH displaying on YZ plane instead of XY plane


I am writing two XDMF files, one containing TopologyType=2DCORECTMESH with GeometryType=ORIGIN_DXDY and the other containing TopologyType=Polyvertex topology with GeometryType=XY.

The polyvertex one displays correctly on Paraview; they lie on the XY plane as expected from the topology and geometry description. However, for the 2DCORECTMESH, while the scalars and vectors on the structured grid are displayed correctly, they render on the YZ plane instead of the XY plane. This becomes an issue for me when I was to visualize both the structured and unstructured quantities on the same plane. I was wondering if this is a bug in my XDMF code, or if there is anyway to make the quantities render on a consistent plane (at least for both polyvertex/polyline and 2DCORECTMESH).


Below I have included a simple XDMF code I used to test the plane rendering inconsistency. If we load the file on Paraview, it renders the plane with the correct scalars, but oriented on the YZ plane instead of XY plane.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE Xdmf SYSTEM "Xdmf.dtd" []>
<Xdmf Version="2.2" xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude" >
        <Topology TopologyType="2DCORECTMESH" Dimensions="3 2" />
        <Geometry GeometryType="Origin_DxDy">
            <DataItem  Format="XML" NumberType="float" Dimensions="2">
                0.0 0.0
            <DataItem  Format="XML" NumberType="float" Dimensions="2">
                1.0 1.0
        <Attribute Center="Node"  AttributeType="Scalar" >
            <DataItem  Format="XML" NumberType="float" Dimensions="3 2">
                 1 2
                 3 4
                 5 6