2DGlyph Parameter not recorded by macro


I was trying to automate the process of generating a 2d wind flow visualization with glyphs

I’d like the GlyphType to be of 2D Glyph and the 2DGlyph to be a Filled Thick Arrow like in the following imageUntitled

When recording the macro, the only option recorded was the 2D Glyph.

I noticed the field that opened after you choose “Glyph Type” has the same name “Glyph Type” so I tried

glyph1 = Glyph(Input=slice1, GlyphType='2D Glyph', GlyphType='Thick Arrow')

but to no sucess.

Is this supported? Is there a specific way to do what I am trying?
Best Regards

After giving it some thougth I tried some modifications trough the python shell and was able to save the propertie I wanted in the following manner:

create a new 'Glyph'
glyph1 = Glyph(Input=calculator2, GlyphType='2D Glyph')
glyph1.GlyphType.GlyphType = 'ThickArrow'
glyph1.GlyphType.Filled = 1


Nice, it should have been traced though. Could you open an issue on our gitlab ?