3D curve through points

Hi there,

I am trying to use ParaView to visualize a curve in 3D space, defined by a set of (x, y, z) points parameterized by time. I would also like to color different parts of the curve by values defined along it (like the magnitude of a velocity field, or any other scalar field). I am wondering what the most efficient way to do this would be?

My first thought was to define the dataset as a VTK Unstructured 1D Mesh in 3-space, and then assign a scalar field to it as usual. Just figured I’d check and see if there’s an easier way, given that I’m basically using PV as a 3D matplotlib in this use case. There are other things I’d like to do with the data which necessitates my use of PV however.


Not exactly an answer to your question, but you could have a look here:
pyVista spline


What you are looking for is a Programmable filter. See section 5.2.5 (Helix Source) in this link:




Awesome, thanks so much everyone! Exactly what I was looking for but didn’t know the right keywords.