3d interpolation method


i would like to interpolate a large data set with xyz and property in 3d. can interpolation be made directly into paraview?

Indeed, looks like you need to use ResampleWithDataSet/ResampleToImage filters.

Thanks Mathieu,

I am Resampling to Image and Paraview crashes. I have left the default setting with 100 for the resolution.
I also tried SPH volume interpolation and paraview crashes.
My data set is about 280K points and consits of UTM coordinates and MASL for elevation, plus a property of soil texture. I want to create a 3d interpolation of soil texture and be able to visualize. I can create smaller interpolations to view certain areas and increase resolution accordingly. Below is a screen shot and example of data set (first few lines).

606361 17 653165 4789073 2.1608 0.0001
646555 17 620045 4837953 7.7312 0.0001
646555 17 620045 4837953 8.036 19
606361 17 653165 4789073 11 0.0001
636298 17 629785 4836153 18.4264 0.002
636298 17 629785 4836153 19.036 1.213
636298 17 629785 4836153 19.036 0.002

Did you identify the origin of the crash ? memory ? localized issues with your dataset?

Let us know if you need more help.

the dataset should be fine as i have prepared with Access, and imported into Grass Gis. i had to do some cleaning on the data but it worked. in terms of memory, i am using about 20% of ram, and then paraview does not respond, perhaps i shld wait longer. how long would that interpolation take?

Hi Mathieu,

for some reason the resample to image does not work or takes for ever. with Task manager, I can see that the cpu is been solicitated. what does the Sampling Dimensions mean. I have left to default (100) and my domain is quite large.
What method does it use for interpolation (resampling): nearest neighbor, iDW etc.?


I am able to Resample to Image if i keep the Sampling Dimensions to a low number (10) as per screenshot. If I understand correctly, resampling creates a regular mesh or grid, and assigns an attribute based on the dataset. How do we control this attribution to the mesh?

Weighted Interpolation or Nearest Neighbor.


I am resampling to imarge with dimensions 100,100,100 and paraview is not responding and keeps using cpu and memory. i am able to run 3d delaynay triangles in few minutes.

I am using point volume interpolator which seems to be working and laptop does not crash.