3D isosurface view

Hi all,

I would like to obtain a 3D isosurface from my simulation, and am looking for a similar view in the attached file which I got from the literature.

Just wondered if it is possible to get such a view from ParaView.
I appreciate your time and help.


Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 23.54.33

Filters -> Contour

Hi Mathieu,

Thank you for your quick reply.

I use those commands, however, before that I extract the block and get “CellDatatoPoint”.
Then I used to get the slice and then contour.

However, I suspect, I should not use slicing.

Now, I have realized that the issue is the boundary, which I need to make it transparent to visualize what is inside. As in the attached image in previous message, the rectangular box is transparent.
I even tried not to include the wall boundary, but in this case it does not show the flow dynamics since I deactivate the wall.

Is there any way of making the boundary transparent?


The boundary is probably your initial dataset that is still visible. Just hide it by clicking on the eye in the pipeline browser.

I understand.
Since I use ParaView over HPCC it takes some time to show the results.
My internet connection deactivated the access.
I will try the way you suggested.

Thank you!