3D Objects coordinates issue

Dear Team,

I am extracting the surface (select points on) from an 3D object and getting the below output Points:


Is this normal ? How can i get normal x,y,z coordinates ?

Thanks a lot

What is wrong with these values ?

i thought it was too large values, but its ok and im running a few examples for testing
Thanks for you reply

Hello again,

I have two identιcal 3D objects. How can i set them to have the same x,y,z
system ? Please check the attachment showing the 3D objects.
Thanks in advance.

Transform filter maybe ?

But if they are identical, except for their coordinates, why do you need to do that ?

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
I checked this filter but i see that this is for manually registration, is there any filter for automatic registration ?

ParaView does not have object registration methods. You may want to check 3DSlicer, which does have registration methods available.

Can i use Iterative Closest Point Transform Filter for registration or its not working as plugin ?

It is not exposed in ParaView.

thanks lot Cory, i am trying to find a solution.