3D raster with 690 Million voxels, takes too long to open.

I created a VTK file with 690 million voxels using GRASS GIS (resolution 20 m x 20 m x 1 m over a 40 km x 40 km domain.
After about 2 hrs of opening the file in paraview (opened VTK using Legacy VTK reader), paraview is still opening the file. I wonder if if there is a way to open 3D raster using another format that can handle large data sets? or should i export the model in smaller blocks?


Question - is the VTK file ascii or binary mode? Binary should be a lot quicker that ascii, and consume a lot less space on disk.

Also, I would say that 690 million voxels is HUGE. This would be the biggest file read with the builtin server that I have ever heard about. Could you create a dataset that is 1/100th this big, and try opening that?

it can handle 10 million cells no pb.