[5.10] How to disable automatic renaming of numbered variables into tensors

Is there any way to disable the automatic renaming of numbered variables into tensors (e.g. var1, var2, var3 → var array with X, Y, Z components)? In my field, I work with these types of numbered variables which are strictly NOT tensors. They just happen to be differentiated by numbers.

If you name your components in your files, even “1”, “2,”,… they will not be renamed

Thank you for replying to my post. Is the automatic renaming completely unavoidable if the variables are labeled in the “variablename#” format with # being a number? Unfortunately, I can’t just name them “1”, “2”, etc. because my simulation tool doesn’t accept purely numeric names for the variables.

Im talking about naming the components, not the variables.

The variables are independent scalar variables. Paraview automatically converts/combines them into a tensor.

It doesn’t, your process does at some point.

Okay thank you for clarifying. I will check my simulation tool output settings.

I checked my simulation tool settings and I’m quite certain that it does not convert the scalar variables into a tensor. When I use Paraview 5.9.0, it shows the variables as var1, var2, var3, var4, var5, and var6. On the other hand, Paraview 5.10 shows the behavior I described in the original post.

can you share your data ?

Here is an exodus file with variables group1 to group6, and pre1 to pre8. Paraview 5.10 displays the group variables as a single tensor with six components labeled XX, XY, etc. while 5.9.0 displays them individually with their original names.

nts_exodus.e (665.3 KB)

Related/same issue: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues/21238

Thank you for the reference link. I’ll revert to using 5.9 for now until the issue is closed.

The previous Exodus reader is available as a plugin in ParaView 5.10. Load the LegacyExodusReader plugin.

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Thanks Cory, this issue slipped my mind.