[5.10] How to render a gltf file

Hi everyone,

I am trying to open and render a gltf file like this one for instance:

I don’t know which variable to pick and material to select in order to get the rendered output close to what we see in sketchfab?
Because in this kind of files there are more than one texture to select.
Is there any way to achieve what I want with the current version of PV?

Doing that in ParaView is not trivial as vtk importers are not in ParaView. You would need to extract the textures from the gltf file into png and load each textures in the PBR rendering part of ParaView, which let you select the right texture.

FYI, F3D can open this file with textures easilly:

Hi @mwestphal thanks for your reply.

Yes I noticed F3D, unfortunately I need other PV features in combination with the gltf file.

So I’ll see if I can come up with something. the vtk importers are not accessible through python scrypting either in PV?

I’m afraid not. But you can use the PBR textures to show the file correctly in PV