5.6.0 : Add Slice Origin(0) info to renderview.

ParaView 5.6.0
Am generating slice views of a model and saving those as a video file.
I add the Slice Origin(0) parameter to the animation panel so the slice moves through the model.
I would like to add text to the animation frames that shows the current Slice Origin(0) xposition, but I cannot figure out how to do this, even if it is possible.
Any help most appreciated.


You can use a ‘Python Cue’ in the animation view (see this for instance).

  1. Create a ‘Text’ Source
  2. Create a python Cue
  3. Edit python cue and fill tick() method with something like that:
  t = FindSource("Text1")
  s = FindSource("Slice1")
  t.Text = str(s.SliceType.Origin[0])

Hi Nicolas, thanks for the pointer. What a good excuse to get back into Python.