5.8 crashes opening statefiles


Looking for help diagnosing causes for windows 10 installation crashing while opening state files.

Example at the moment is from a relatively light solution, 2-3 million cells, unstructured grid.
Pretty simple statefile, celldatatopoint data filter, a few calculators where relative velocity calculations have been computed, then some slices.

PC has nvidia m2000 card, 64GB RAM, none appear to be doing much when the file is opening. Network is only thing that spikes, is that normal. Solution is on CDrive (SSD) assuming that is best?

Loads all the pipeline, but then stick on XMLUnstructuredGridReader at about 7% and after some minutes, crashes, everytime

Is this system issue? Solution type issue? other?

Most recent attempt has converted the CONVERGE CFD solution to “Paraview VTK in-line binary Format” rather than “Paraview VTK ASCII Format”.
This time the pipeline loads, but although XMLUnstructuredGridReader gets to 87%, its sits there. Got to over 25mins and I decided to close and start from scratch.

Any ideas appreciated

Do the steps manually, make sure they work?

If you are possibly running out of memory (i.e., starting to use SSLLOOWW page files), View/ Memory Inspector, or the Task Manager are your friend…

yes, all steps work individually.
Indications from task manager or resource manager are telling me nothing is a problem.
The CPU and MEM never go aboe 20-30% of system capacity
All data is on local Cdrive (SSD) but yet zero activity shown while trying to load a state file
Just always hangs once loaded to 87%

If it matters, one attempt out of over 20 has opened successfully inside approx 10mins