A bug in filter stack browser:

Sometimes, when I delete filters from the stack, such thing as in the image happen:
I.e. I can not delete here “Slice1” filter, because there are “probeLocation1”, and “PlotSelectionOverTime1” are still in memory, but not accessible.
I could discover this only with “change input” dialog for the “Slice1”, which lost it “delete” button suddenly…


Please provide steps to reproduce.

Create the stack as above.
Ev and Hv are vector fields.
Apply a lot of scaling calc on magnitude, add there a time scaling filter, then delete every manipulation from back to start… how can I explain it better? I can’t just pointing this out, that the above bug can arize. And the piplene browser does not check the actual state of the pipeline to load the “forgotten” filters, and no garbage collector kills the filters left overboard.

without steps to reproduce, we cannot fix the bug or check if it is already fixed.

I tried the following on my side :

  • Open temporal file with vectors
  • Add a slice
  • Add a probe location with multiple points
  • Add a plot selection over time
  • Delete everything without any issue

Everything works perfectly.

without steps to reproduce, we cannot fix the bug

Well, that’s why it is not in the bug tracker. The information is for your consideration. You know how Paraview is written, now you can guess another serious weak spot.
I will prepare my notebook for the moment it happens again to tell you the steps. But since it was a surprise to me, sorry, no steps for now.

check if it is already fixed

it is one of the latest builds installed last week. ParaView 5.8.0-RC1-67-g9606904c92
Hardly it could be fixed this quick, while there are still crashes continuing from the year 2017