A question about ParaviewWEB

Hello, I installed paraview web visualizer on my linux system, however, I am seeking to deal with a data group (.vtk group)
when I open the data on web, I can only fetch the first data from the group and I cannot switch time from web, (which it is easy to play video and change time in paraview app)
How can I see all my data on web?
Thanks for your answer!

The Visualizer version that you are using is still in development and it still needs quite some work to be ready for prime time.

For now, you should use the one within Paraview by running pvpython -m paraview.apps.visualizer --data /path/to/your/data.

The one inside ParaView should handle groups and time dataset.

thanks, but how can I use this on web?

I’m not sure I understand the question. Are you asking how you deploy for multi-users in the cloud? Please clarify what you mean and aim to achieve.

when I do

paraview.apps.visualizer --data /path/to/your/data

will come out a window from paraview, but I can not connect on local webviewer, it shows “connecting” allalong, I don’t know how to fix this.

Is /path/to/your/data a directory? It must be a path that will be use to list.
Also, you may need to “hard reload” the url. (Shift+reload)

yes it is, I made a mistake with port so I didn’t access the right webpage.

Btw, I found that when I open a .vtk group, it can only show the first .vtk file, how to fix this?

With the “old” visualizer, you should have a time serie with a slider to go through the time.
With the “new” one, I did not provided any control just yet, but we are still adding features and support…