A reader for .pvtu file could not be found

Hello, i’m a new user for paraview and i write a .pvtp file which is wroten in the official file format.pdf. When i want open it in paraview 5.7.0, the software tells me that a reader could not be found. And i overview the whole reader list, i cant find XMLPartitionedPolydataReader, which supports .pvtp files. My computer is a window 10 PC. Could someone help me to solve this problem? By the way, there is only XMLPolydataReader in the whole reader list. I guess there should be more XMLReader in the list to support other format vtk files but i can’t find.
Thanks20191022.pvtp (1.9 KB)

Probably because your file is ill-formated.
Can you share it or at least its header ?

Thank you for notification. I have uploaded the .pvtp file.

A .pvtp like to .vtp files. You seems to have appended the .pvtp and .vtp files together.
You can use ParaView to generate a correctly formated .pvtp and .vtp files.

Are you sure you actually want to use the .pvtp format ?

I want to see what does the example at the end of this pdf https://vtk.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/file-formats.pdf look like in the paraview. What’s the correct process to achieve this? Thank you for your help.

Here you go.
20191022.pvtp (597 Bytes) polyEx0.vtp (1.3 KB)

your file had also incorrect spacing, probably because of the copy from the pdf.

Thank you for your help! Now i know the right file format.