Ability to pause rendering until finished creating pipeline?

From a Reddit thread, one user has asked:

Why do I have to render every step as I go when using the GUI. If I know what filters I’m going to apply, I’d like to stop the rendering till the end. This is how it works when using the python interface, but it would be very convenient to have this option in the GUI also.

At least in Coreform Cubit, which uses VTK for rendering, we have a functionality which pauses rendering until a user requests it back on:

graphics off
# bunch of complex operations, that would execute slowly if rendering each operation
graphics on

So it seems plausible that a similar capability might already exist in ParaView (or be relatively simple to add)?

Hi @GregVernon

Definitely a good idea. You can actually already do that with a simple workaround. Just convert the current view to a spreadsheet.

Having it as an actual setting makes complete sense.