About build.md

build.md is awesome, most of the information is here.
It can, however, be overwhelming for a new user.

I’m thinking of adding simpleBuildWindows.md and simpleBuildLinux.md are something along these lines.

Unless we should rework build.md to accomodate for these users as well.

Any inputs ?

Also, readme.md mentions :

Perhaps the easiest method for beginners to build ParaView from source is using the ParaView Superbuild. The superbuild downloads and builds all of ParaView’s dependencies as well as ParaView itself.

I do not think that is accurate. The superbuild is great for packaging or for building specific dependencies that are hard to build (llvm come to mind). It is way easier to build ParaView than ParaView-superbuild for a basic ParaView+Qt+MPI+Python, where all dependencies are just installed by the package manager.

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I think a “Quickstart” section in build.md would be fine.