About tutorials for 2.10. Volume Rendering

Dear all, I have a trouble about 2.10. Volume Rendering.
When I repeat the example in 2.10. Volume Rendering. I get the different visualization, as shown in the Fig. 1.

the tutorials in the website : 2. Basic Usage β€” ParaView Documentation 5.10.0 documentation

If you know how to fix it, please tell me, I will apppreciate it.

I change the variable viewed to temp and change the representation to Volume. but, the sample seems disappear, is it right?

Hi @fchu

What is your GPU ? You can find all the info in Help β†’ About


Hi @mwestphal , is it right?

Your GPU most likely do not support Volume Rendering. Do you have another GPU on your machine ?

Thank you for your reply. I don’t have another GPU. Do you know what the minimum GPU configuration is?

Hi, I change the GPU and get the same results as the tutorial. Thank you very much.

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