Access coloring by smproperties.xml in Python Plugin

Dear Paraview Developpers,

I wrote a Python Plugin to visualize solutions of our inhouse FE-software. Everything works fine and now I’m implementing some comfort features for my colleagues, such as which output should be visible after loading the data. Consecutively, I want to set the coloring of an output from “Solid Color” to “Material”.

The smproperties.xml looks at the moment like this, but I can’t figure out how to access the Coloring.
Thanks for your time and help.
Yours sincerely,
Fabian Müller


<OutputPort index="0" name="Mesh" > </OutputPort>
<OutputPort index="1" name="Outline" >  </OutputPort>
<OutputPort index="2" name="Materials" > </OutputPort>
<OutputPort index="3" name="Boundaries" > </OutputPort>
<OutputPort index="4" name="Vector Potential (2D)" > </OutputPort>
<OutputPort index="5" name="Flux Density" > </OutputPort>
<!-- Which Views should be active on default -->
<RepresentationType view="RenderView" type="Surface With Edges" port="0" />
<RepresentationType view="RenderView" type="Wireframe" coloring="Material" port="1" />
<!-- ColoringType ColorByArrayComponent="Material" port=1 / -->
<!-- ColorArrayName name="Materials" port="1" / -->
<View type="None" port="2" />
<View type="None" port="3" />
<View type="None" port="4" />
<View type="None" port="5" />

This is not supported afaik.

Dear Mr. Westphal,

thanks for your answer. I wrote a workaround by using the smproperty in a first step for the rendering types and in a consecutive step I now use a python macro to color everything as I wish too.

Yours sincerely,
Fabian Müller