Access Pipeline Browser Relationships

Say I have a pipeline setup as shown below.
I would like to run a script that operates on all the branches/children of “Solid” individually.
Is there a way to access those relationships so that I can generate handles to those sub-items, assuming I already have a handle to “Solid”?


You need to check if each of the sources in the pipeline have an input that is solid. Not really practical.

In Python, you can write

solid = FindSource('Solid')
children = [c for c in GetSources().values() if c.GetProperty('Input') and c.GetProperty('Input') == solid]

This should work in most simple cases.

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I was hoping for direct access to the tree, but I suppose that’s not exposed because it’s a QT thing.

Not pretty but I can check the input of each source as recommended.

Thanks guys.