Add a string property to a python reader

I have a custom reader written in Python which loads an HDF5 file and generates a vtkMultiBlockDataSet with some vtkUnstructedGrid on the leafs of the hierarchy. However, this can get too slow, as the file may contain a lot of information.

I would like to know if its possible to add a some kind of property to the reader and expose it on paraview interface such that I can discard elements.

I was thinking having a string property for example, so I can start iterating the HDF5 file on the HDF5 group under that string instead of on the root node.

Hi @Juan_Jose_Casafranca

Yes, this is exactly the point of a python plugin, find some examples here:

I was having a look at that examples, but I am not sure how it really works. When are those decorators executed? How I know if they are Set or Get? In my reader I have for example a GetTimeStepValues, but its there basically because I copy pasted from the example, not because I really understand how its working.

Is there any place where it explains how those decorators really work? When they are executed?